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Mr. Will Engram

Mr. Will Engram

"The Entrepreneur"

Mr. Will Engram became a resident of Lufkin in 1896.  He was about 16 years of age.  He came to live with his uncle Dave, who had come to East Texas as a slave.  Starling and Brother Dave were separated from their family in Georgia in 1859.

The family lost tract of Dave Ingram.  He moved to Lufkin, Texas.  He was married and the father of two children.  He was preacher in the CME Church.  He and his wife were called Pappy and Mammy Ingram.  Willie became a young business man.  He had a six mule team which he used to haul iron from the old foundry.  He was amember of the Mt. Zion CME Church in the Kilgore-Tyler area.  He later moved to Lufkin, Texas and became a member of the Historical Long Chapel CME Church; where he served as Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher and Stewart of the recalled by Ernest McGown.

Mr. Engram was a Master of Mathematics.  He was working geometry, algebra and did not know it.  He drew his own plans of buildings that he was to build. He worked alone in figuing the materials to be used for the bulding, i.e. electrical, lumber, paint, etc.  His figures were accurate and excellent to the point where there was only 6 or 7 grains of saw dust left.

He built many homes for people who own property and for many Negores that lived in quarters.  Mr. Will built these houses and kept the repairs on them.

He was the First:

to stand for equal citizenship

to own a car

to own a phone (794) number

to have indoor toilet

He purchased materials from Angelina Lumber Company, Taylor Hardware, Abney & Medford Hardware and Sam Hyman Sales.

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